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Optronic products with fascinating sharpness of detail

With the TM640, LIEMKE presents a optronic products with 640x480 pixels and 12µm pixel pitch for the first time. The optronic products is an in-house development manufactured in Germany. The TM540 has a VOx detector and is at the top of its performance class...

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The name speaks for itself: Hunting for wild boar using the Wild Boar

At last! The anticipation was huge, it was lying in front of me and was ready to bestow new hunting experiences upon me: We are talking about the Liemke Boar-19 PRO optronic products. At the €2649.00 set by the manufacturer, it doesn't exactly run cheap - but, as they say, those who shop cheaply often end up shopping twice. As early as last year, we tested different thermal imaging cameras in the Revolutionary series...

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Increased efficiency during search and observation

With the LK-19PRO, LIEMKE is bringing to the market a new hand-held or tripod-operated compact and robust optronic products, with high-performance detector. Compared to residual light amplifiers, the advantages of thermal imaging technology are obvious...

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Trade show news Enforce Tac 2017

LIEMKE is evolving more and more from retailer to manufacturer with its own devices. [...] From the LIEMKE premises comes the TM640-12 (690gr) - a non-cooled thermal imaging device with 640x480 VOx detector and 12µm configurable pitch. It can therefore be used as a hand-held unit or attachment for ZF daytime lenses...

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Trade show news IWA Outdoor Classics

Optronic productses with fascinating sharpness of detail

Night vision devices have played an established role in hunting for years. With the increase in wild boar populations and the necessity to prevent damage caused by game, their importance is steadily growing. In the past, the market was dominated by lenses with residual light amplification. These lenses now have serious competition...

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Marketplace LIEMKE optronic products

The Wild Boar-25 is now available from LIEMKE. The compact lens is robust and versatile. With a 25 mm lens and 50H image frequency, it is currently in leading position compared to other compact lenses with the same resolution...

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